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Commission Agenda-Setting Session Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Commissioner Carl Jordan absent


AREA STORM WIDE DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENT PROJECT The priority ranking of 58 Level I problems and recommended FY02 implementation plan will be on the May agenda with few changes after being tabled in February.

Commissioner McCarter stated that he had concerns with the original list and had submitted a 4 page memo of concerns to City Manager Reddish. While McCarter thought that the new list had some improvements he still has concerns that have not been addressed and would like to discuss these before the May vote. McCarter went on to say that he is familiar with the drainage projects that are in his district and some of them appear to be a waste of the planned money and could create more problems then they fix.

Mayor Eldridge replied that they will try to address these concerns and problems before 5/7.

Commissioner Barrow did not think much had changed with the priority list and the list was not following the priority guidelines. He would like to see an environmental emphasis to address water quality and TDMLs before the money is spent.

Both Barrow and McCarter questioned why some of the higher profile, more expensive items on the list are given a higher priority than projects which would correct flooding problems that directly impact homes with flooding. Some of the smaller projects that are impacting residential neighborhoods could be more easily fixed and should be given a higher priority.

Commissioner Logan offered congratulations and some "atta boys" to the work that has been done so far at Cedar Creek and Brooklyn Creek projects, and at the project on Broad (at Plaza?) where the residents were happy that the dangerous old trees were removed.

Commissioner Kilpatrick stated that the commissioners represent the people who travel the streets. Lumpkin and Baxter St. projects should be high priority and taken care of ASAP due to the persistent flooding problem and the high volume of traffic.

Commissioner Barrow wanted to know if anyone had yet determined the origin of the smell in Tanyard Creek on the UGA campus and whether the open pipes releasing fluids into the creek originate from UGA buildings. No one knew but thought that some were connected with UGA buildings.

CONSERVATION SUBDIVISION NEAR AIRPORT ON ROBERT HARDEMAN ROAD: Request for rezoning from AR (A) (Agricultural Residential, Airport Overlay Zone) to AR(A) (PD) (Agricultural Residential, Airport Overlay Zone, Planned Development) on 125 acres on Robert Hardeman Road to build a conservation subdivision. The planning commission recommendation was to approve with conditions (vote 7 - 2). Only part of this development is in Clarke County (remainder in Oglethorpe). The developer is asking for a conservation subdivision waiver to allow a 62 lot subdivision in the AR zone. The first plan that was presented had larger lots and was not a conservation subdivision. This plan has 62 lots on 30 acres at the edge of the property with the remaining 95 acres closer to the airport designated as a common area with bike and walking trails. The lots will be 9000 to 13,000 square ft. with alley vehicle access and the fronts facing onto common grass areas. A homeowner association will protect and maintain the common areas.

Commissioner McCarter stated that where the homes are planned is in the airport overlay zone and that incoming air craft are as low as 200 ft. over the planned residences. The airport authority has concerns about noise complaints and has requested a waiver from the homeowners against future complaints. There were questions about whether this would actually be able to stop future homeowners from issuing complaints.

Concerns were also presented about how the development would impact the already bad intersection at Hardeman and Lexington Rds. and who is responsibility for maintenance of the planned detention pond. County Attorney DePascale stated that the county could be responsible for the detention pond.

Commissioner Barrow stated that this type of development should not be in the AR zone which has been designated as part of a rural zone in the land use plan with a one lot per 10 acre designation. The use of a conservation subdivision is the "right thing in the wrong place" and would set a precedence for development in the AR zone.

Commissioner Sims asked if the county could lose Federal Funds if they continue to develop in the airport overlay zone. Attorney DePascale stated that there was no FAA standard for maximum development in this area. Sims expressed concern that this was even more frightening.


The wording of the ordinance to allow tractor-trailer parking within or near certain residential areas was questioned by Commissioner Carter. He asked if the ordinance should not read in AR zones only. The ordinance was corrected.

Commissioner Barrow asked to remove from the agenda the approval of appointments to the Hospital Authority of Clarke County. He believed that the government should have more say in who is appointed and at least government officials should sit down with the nominees first and ask questions about their stand on certain issues. Barrow thought that the current system led to the recent trouble over the proposed expansion of the hospital into surrounding residential areas. Barrow stated that he will vote against this item on 5/7.

The Medicare B recommendations for payment coverage were not ready yet. Commissioners Barrow and Chasteen were not pleased with the proposed health insurance plan and there will be a meeting and discussion on the plan before the 5/7 meeting.

Adjustments to the Leisure Services program fees and charges were discussed. Leisure services stated that the current fees are too low. The new plan has a range of fees for each service with sliding scale scholarships available for everyone. Previously only 20% of attendees were allowed to obtain a scholarship. Scholarships can pay up to 80% of the fees. The exact fee schedule for each service will be decided each year within the proposed range.

Commissioner Barrow questioned the one planning commission dissenting vote on a plan to modify minimum parking requirements for businesses to include adequate spaces for employees. The concern of the one planning commissioner was that this would lead to too much surface parking.

Questions were raised about a planned zoning change to allow for accessory dwelling units and duplexes as permitted uses in districts which currently allow other multi-family uses as permitted in all RM-1, 2, 3 and E-O Districts and whether this would lead to unwanted construction of duplexes on single family home lots. The amendments are meant to apply to lots which currently have only a single family home and would allow the construction of a second residence behind the main residence to accommodate family members, etc.

Elizabeth Little