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Athens-Clarke County Environmental Services and Organizations

Non-profit and Educational Groups
Organic or Eco-Friendly Farmers & Markets
Planning and Design
Other Businesses

Non-profit and Educational Groups

ARBER- Athens Revitalization Beautification & Ecological Restoration
ARBER promotes Community greening through edible landscape, community gardening, and forest gardening.
Contact: Jason Hubbard 613-0643, Carl Lindberg 546-8422

Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation
The vision of the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation is to become the leading advocate for the importance of historic preservation to the future of the Athens community.
Contact:, 706-353-1801

Athens Land Trust
The Athens Land Trust seeks to promote quality of life through integration of community and the natural environment by preserving land, creating energy-efficient and affordable housing, and revitalizing neighborhoods.
Contact: Nancy Stangle or John Kissane at 706-612-0122

Athens-Clarke Community Tree Council
The Community Tree Council (CTC) was established on October 3, 2000 by ordinance of the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County. The mission of the CTC is to provide information, outreach and education to promote responsible management of trees and forests of the Athens-Clarke County community.
Contact: 706-613-3565

BikeAthens is a multi-modal transportation organization working for practical alternatives to car-only transportation and road design. Our role is to educate leaders, planners, and the Athens community about the vast potential for multi-modal transportation that will allow us to grow as a city without damaging our quality of life.
Join the BikeAthens listserv and/or become a member.
Contact: Bike Athens Chair

Broad River Watershed Association
The Broad River Watershed Association is a regional non-profit land trust created to preserve the Broad River as a free-flowing river system and to support land use compatible with the maintenance of water quality, scenic rural character, and the preservation of sensitive natural areas and wildlife habitat.
Contact: Mary Freeman

Creative Earth
At Creative Earth we work towards one goal: a healthier biosphere for all. Through education about the environment we live in, we can all do our share to creat a healthier Biosphere.
Mark McConnell 706-546-tree or 706-353-SOIL

Environmental Law Association
Environmental Law Association, Inc. (ELA) is an organization of the University of Georgia School of Law students who seek to further the development and advancement of environmental law through activities designed to increase environmental awareness among members of the community at large and the student bodies of the University of Georgia and the Georgia School of Law.

The Environmental Science Education Program
Located in the EPA's Regulatory Support Branch, the program includes many projects directed at the K-16 and the general public. The purpose is to transfer highly technical environmental research findings in a comprehensive format suitable for the learning curve of the targeted audience to promote scientific environmental literacy and environmental stewardship.
Contact: Kate McDaniel or 706-355-8315

Federation of Neighborhoods
The Federation of Neighborhood and Community Associations is organized to maintain and improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods of Athens-Clarke County.
Contact: John Huie

Founders Tree Trust
Founders Tree Trust provides maintenance for trees planted and donated by citizens in the 1980's.
Contact: Mary Anne Hodgson or 706-543-8977

Georgia Solar Energy Association (GSEA)
The local chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. GSEA's primary goal is to help build a sustainable energy future for our state by informing an educating the general public, businesses, and governmental agencies regarding sustainable energy issues.
Contact: Tim Blackwell (Vice-Chair), c. 678-316-4761

Georgia Environmental Policy Institute and Georgia Land Trust Service Center
Georgia Environmental Policy Institute helps communities develop proactive strategies for a healthy environment.
Georgia Land Trust Service Center works to increase the effectiveness of land trusts and helps landowners protect conservation land in Georgia and the Southeast.
Contact: Hans Neuhauser or 706-546-7507

Northeast Chapter of the Georgia Conservancy

The Georgia Conservancy works to protect the environment while balancing the demands of social and economic progress. We teach current and future leaders how natural resource protection and economic growth are linked. We work in a variety of arenas to protect Georgia's water, air and natural areas.
Contact: Madelyn Van Dyck at 706-548-4500, or main office at 404-876-2900

Oconee Rivers Audubon Society
The mission of the Oconee Rivers Audubon Society is to encourage the preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitat through education and environmental activism.
Contact: Edwige Damron

Oconee Rivers Greenway Commission
Oconee Rivers Greenway Commission seeks to protect the Oconee Rivers and ensure the long term integrity, natural beauty, and life support functions of the rivers. Planning for a greenway system is the essential goal.
Contact: David Porter or 706-542-1782

Oconee River Land Trust
Our mission is to preserve land of natural and cultural importance for the benefit of present and future generations, especially in the watersheds of the North and Middle Oconee Rivers. The Oconee River land Trust is committed to preserving land in many forms including: land that borders streams and wetlands, productive farms, forests, recreational parks and greenspace, land of historic significance, and scenic vistas.
Contact: or 706-552-3138

Students and Educators for Ecological Design and Sustainability (SEEDS)
As an interdisciplinary group, SEEDS is concerned about broad ecological & sustainable design issues and focused on campus and the surrounding community.
Contact: Alfie Vick

Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA)
Working towards local, national, and worldwide sustainable and earthfriendly practices, we are a branch of the Student Environmental Action Coalition. Providing a positive atmosphere for change, SEA is a springboard for ideas as well as a forum to pursue important issues such as, but not limited to, environmental education, recycling, waste reduction, alternative transportation and energy sources, edible landscaping, social justice, and water quality.
Contact: Jessica Hoehn or Andrew Hunt

Upper Oconee Watershed Network
The Upper Oconee Watershed Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving water quality through community based advocacy, monitoring and education.
Join the UOWN listserv.
Contact: Jessica Sterling


Athens-Clarke County Environmental Coordinator
The Environmental Coordinator (a position created as a result of recommendations in the first Growing Sustainably Report) helps ensure that local government departments follow good environmental practices, and is the point of contact for the public about environmental regulatory issues.
Contact: Dick Field or 706-613-3530 x 245

Athens-Clarke County Stormwater
The Stormwater Department manages ACC's stormwater infrastructure to prevent flooding and protect water quality.
Contact: or 706-613-3870

North Oconee River Greenway
The North Oconee River Greenway is a 3.5 mile long, bicycling and walking path that is open sunrise to sunset.  The Greenway path is open to all types of non-motorized uses and dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash. Currently, the North Oconee River Greenway connects with Cook's Greenway Trail at Sandy Creek Nature Center and follows the North Oconee River south toward downtown Athens and the University of Georgia. 
Contact: Eric Thrift, ACC Greenway Coordinator, interim,  at 706-613-3615 x242

Sandy Creek Nature Center
This 225 acre nature preserve is home to a diverse group of animals, plants, and ecosystems.  Discover upland forests, fields, and wetlands full of life.  Hike a trail.  Check out beavers at the claypit pond.  See ruins of a turn-of-the-century brick factory and an 1800s log house.  Visit the Oconee River and Sandy Creek.  Walk the Greenway or Cook's Trail.  Find your own quiet place.
Contact:, or 706-613-3615


Organic or Eco-friendly Farmers and Markets

Daily Groceries Co-op
Located at 523 Prince Avenue, Daily Groceries Co-op has been an Athens staple since 1992 for shoppers looking to buy high-quality, organic groceries, produce, supplements and lots more. They feature vegetarian and vegan items, ready-made dips, salads, sandwiches, plus organic and local produce. Daily Groceries Co-op welcomes everyone to shop at their store; members receive a discount.
Contact: 706-548-1732

Full Moon Farm Cooperative
Full Moon Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm - members purchase a share in the farm and receive a weekly supply of organic vegetables during the growing season. Full Moon Farm also supplies most of the vegetables to Farm 255 Restaurant, which the farmers own and operate.

Locally Grown Cooperative

Locally Grown Co-Operative is a small group of growers located around Athens. Each grower farms his/her land using strict standards to ensure that everything produced is chemical-free. All member farms are dedicated to supplying their customers with the freshest and highest quality vegetables, herbs, mill products, eggs, fruits, flowers, and transplants. Participating farms vary in size and specialty, but all carry the common thread of dedication to community, environment, health and education. Participating farmers include Mills Farm, Heirloom Organics, Beaver Farm, Boann's Banks, Two Swallows Farm, and Bass Family Farm. Unlike a typical CSA, members place orders for the particular items they want each week.
Contact: Eric Wagoner or 706-245-9774

Sunrise Organic Farm
Sunrise Organic Farm offers local vegetables, fresh cut flowers and honey.
Contact: Jeremy Friedman & Christine Rodick, or 706-353-3466


S & W Development, Inc.
S&W Development, Inc., is a general contracting and development firm specializing in the preservation field. For over 20 years the firm has developed, rebuilt, remodeled and restored many of Athens' finest preservation projects.
Contact: 548-9137

Steve Johnson
Steve helped to design and build Sandy Creek's ENSAT building which employs environmentally friendly building materials and technologies. He currently acts as a consultant on various products and projects. He is also the owner of First Class Carpentry Inc.
Contact: Steve Johnson

George Wright
George Wright has been constructing quality residential building projects in Athens for 26 years. Specializing in custom home building and remodeling, he enjoys working on projects that use alternative materials and power sources. George understands and encourages sensitive site development, and focuses on value-conscious engineering, design and material selection.
Contact: George Wright 706-543-0594

Planning and Design

Robinson Fisher and Associates, Inc.
Robinson Fisher Associates, Inc. is an environmental planning and design firm helping clients to create successful projects within the context of land, community life, and heritage. It uses an approach of research, creative thinking, consensus, and a commitment to environmental ethics. The firm's services are focused on four key areas: Conservation Planning, Master Planning, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture.
Contact: Robinson Fisher 549-8211

The Jaeger Company
The Jaeger Company promotes the preservation, conservation, and enhancement of our cultural and natural environments by advancing creative planning and design solutions that draw upon the inherent characteristics of place and increase understanding and awareness. Landscape architecture, historic preservation, environmental assessment, and planning are the professional and technical foundations of the firm.
Contact: Chet Thomas 706-543-5459

Koons Environmental Design, Inc.
Koons Environmental Design, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary firm providing consulting services for the planning, design and engineering of a wide variety of land development projects. Their work combines aesthetics and art with science and engineering and respect for natural resources.
Contact: Josh Koons 706-207-3961,
Fax: 706-353-3838

Other Businesses

Athens Rain Collection Systems  (coming soon)
Scott Patterson installs rainwater collection systems for clients in the Athens area.
Contact: Scott Patterson,

One World Renewable Energy Corporation
One World Renewable Energy Corporation is dedicated to the advancement of solar, wind, and other forms of clean, sustainable energy generation. Products and services include solar thermal and solar electric energy systems, wind energy systems, extensive installation and maintenance services, and project management assistance.
Contact: Tim Blackwell
o. 706-742- 3495
c. 678-316-4761

A Small Green Footprint
A Small Green Footprint is an online shop for environmentally friendly products for babies. They sell products made from natural materials or from recycled man-made products; sustainably harvested wood products; naturally grown cotton, hemp, and bamboo without the use of pesticides or chemicals; and although it is not always possible, they consider the distance a product has to travel to get to us.
Contact: Sandy Cederbaum
264 Georgia Ave #B
Athens, GA 30606