Your smile is probably the most alluring and welcoming feature you have. No amount of makeup can replace a good smile with a perfect set of teeth that shine. However, not everybody is blessed with a naturally perfect set of teeth and, in turn, a good smile. There are, however, measures that can be taken to create the perfect smile and you can

What are the causes of bad teeth

Bad teeth can refer to decayed teeth or teeth that have grown crooked bad teethor even discolored teeth. There are countless reasons that attribute to such a situation, and one primary reason is inadequate care for your teeth. Even though brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is a good habit, one must always schedule regular check ups with the dentist.

Decaying teeth

Tooth decay can happen due to many reasons and this is mostly when you do not brush your teeth often. Food particles that are left over in your mouth create a desirable breeding place for bacteria and; therefore, you must always remember to brush well. If you do not, the germs will start eating away at the enamel of your teeth and this will in turn cause tooth decay and bad breath. Always keep your teeth and mouth clean so that you do not fall prey to tooth decay.

Loss of teeth

Tooth loss can occur due to many reasons, and one is through an accident. In such cases, you may have no choice but to get an implant from a qualified dental professional. Implants are often done by removing any remnants of the tooth from the jaw and placing an anchor into your jawbone. After it has been accepted successfully, a crown or artificial tooth is placed on it. These implants look natural and in some cases even better than the original ones as they are made from quality materials and can easily be replaced if required.

Some people use dentures in the case of tooth loss, but it is more troublesome, and many prefer implants nowadays.


toolsThis dental procedure is used to corrected misaligned or badly formed teeth. It may take up to five years of wearing braces to correct a defect in the alignment, and it will also call for regular visits to the dentist for check-ups.

Braces may make you feel a little uncomfortable and shy, but the result will be a beautiful smile with perfect looking teeth.