Benefits of Puppies

Have you ever wondered why many people love puppies? Well, many reasons can explain this. First puppies are beautiful ad this, therefore, means that you will always find joy watching them. Also, research has shown that several health benefits are associated with puppies.

However, you must ensure that you take care of your puppies in a proper way. This is because puppies that are not well taken care of often turn out to be ugly and may not grow to adulthood. I found  this comparison guide of food brandsBlue Buffalo and wellness at Puppy Pointers as one of the best ways of bringing your puppies up in the most modern way. Both brands are great, but one of them was better for my dog.

Here are some of the health benefits associated with puppies that want to know.

Reduce Stress

Puppies can prove to be of great help when you are stressed. It is in the public domain that people who have pets tend to recover fast from stress. The time that you spend with your time is enough to make you forget about the stress and other ups and downs that you might be going through. Also, children who grow up with puppies and other pets are not likely to develop allergies when they grow up. However, you can only get the best from your puppies when you have a good relationship with them.

Perfect Childhood Development

Have you ever spent some of your time watching how your child plays with puppies? If yes, then you will agree that there is a lot that the kid can get from this kind of relationship. Aline and Robert have carried a study that shows kids from families where pets are treasured end up being high achievers when it comes to academic matters. So if you want your kids to perform better in school, then you know the right thing that you are supposed to do.


While many people know that there are many health benefits associated with exercising, the majority seem not to take the whole exercise thing serious. The truth is that they lack the morale of going to the gym. Having a nice puppy will make you exercise without even noticing. Can you imagine playing around the house with your puppy? That is enough exercise to shade off the excess weight and ensure that you lead a healthy life.

Remember that boredom and stress are some of the things that can make you have sleepless nights. Not having enough sleep plays a significant role in making you add excess weight. It is high time you take good care of your puppy if you want to enjoy the proper health benefits of having a lovely puppy.

woman enjoying Massage treatment

Best Massage Chairs Online

Do you need a site that provides you information about the best massage chairs and their features and prices? There are different varieties that you would love.

Different Varieties

Reviews of the Best Collections

This site has put together many of the best massage chairs from Japanese manufacturers. Each chair with its unique features and relaxation capabilities. The site has done research for you; it has sampled and Massage Chairssummarized user experience to help you with your shopping decisions. In the end, you get only the best quality and good prices. The manufacturers and retailers the site has partnered with are trustworthy, and you don’t have to worry about your transactions. They get the best for you in extended warranties and affordable shipment prices .Quality, excellent performance, and durability are what you can expect on the massage chairs this site present from Japanese manufacturers.

New models and unique features

An example is the Inada Dreamwive- a powerful model that has been extensively reviewed by this site. This is one of the top models. It is cradle shaped and offers a comprehensive coverage of your body giving you perfect massage motions. It has preset health functions and stretchability. You can select its preset features that at range from tapping, kneading, back vibration and a combination of two or three of these for amazing relaxation .Its health functions including Morning Stretch, Night time and Dream Weave. This chair does wonders for people who experience sleeplessness or back pains after work.

Models from Known and trusted companies

Another latest model the site has reviewed is the Fujiiryoki Cyber-Relax EC-3800. Fujiiryoki is a Japanese massage chair manufacturer is highly recognized by its award-winning designs. The EC-3800 has roller systems that can go in numerous directions simultaneously while letting you adjust the speed and intensity. It has 44 airbags that for the arms, waist and calves. It comes with 18 preprogrammed functions and a memory course that allows you to save your custom profiles.

Great discounts

ChairsThe above are just two examples of the best that has been reviewed on this remarkable site, with links to sellers who give great discounts. It goes into features and specifications that you would expect in a massage chair helping you make an advance decision on which chair suits you best. This can be your excellent companion in your massage chairs shopping experience. If you are looking to buy a massage chair, don’t hesitate to click this link for best reviews and deals.

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Why are STD’s spreading rapidly?

According to a recent research by Student British Medical Journal the rate of sexually transmitted diseases is skyrocketing in the past few years, but researchers are not able to associate the increasing rate with people having unprotected sex regularly.
Why are they spreading?

The Factscondom

A Statistic from CDC in the U.S shows the rates have nearly tripled over the past decades. Take syphilis for example; In the year 2000, there were 885 cases reported, in 2010 there were more than 2500 cases of people with Syphilis per 100,000 persons. Chlamydia climbed from 6700 cases in 2000 to more than 19000 cases in 2010; the same increment has been seen on gonorrhea and HIV. What’s going on? Why are STD’s spreading rapidly?

The reasons for STD’s Spreading?

The increase of STD rate is directly attributed to reduced funding in public health clinic according to CDC. There has been increasing erosions of STD’s programs at the local level. Most people, therefore, do not recognize that clinical care of people with STD is supported by federal funds and do not seek medical attention when they experience symptoms of STD’s. In many areas almost one-third of clinic often raise fees and co-pays that have resulted in most people with STD’s to stay at home.

Another obvious explanation could be the rise of Truvada( or PrEP) which is a daily pill that promises a full protection against HIV infection. It has been reported that those who took this drug do indeed use condoms less regularly when they are on this pill than they would when they aren’t. Although Truvada may be the culprit behind the wave of new STD infection, several health groups including WHO are encouraging some risk groups, for example, gay to get the pill and use it with the condom to prevent most STD infections.

Another recent research has been focusing on the reasons to be associated socioeconomic status and racial, ethnic background. The combination of assortative mixing among races and probably socioeconomic status with disassortative mixing by risk group can be one of the reasons for high rates STD’s.


Sex is a great gift, but if uncontrolled, it has a greater capacity to increase for evil. Our bodies were not created for multiple sex partners. All risk of STD can be significantly be avoided by saving sexual intercourse for marriage. It can be done; all that is needed is an emphasis on teens, young adults and even those in marriages. The rate is also increasing even to the old especially because their bodies are prone to changes. For example, post-menopausal changes to the vagina which decrease lubrication leaving old women vulnerable to minor injuries that facilitate the entry of pathogens.