A guide when buying camouflage netting

If you have tried to purchase camouflage netting before, then you know how challenging it can be.

With so many different features, patterns and pricing, getting the perfect camo netting that will conceal you during the next hunt is quite difficult.

This guide will help ease some of the pain when purchasing a camouflage netting.

  • Check the camo pattern

camouflage netting 01 (1)This is the first thing that you should look when selecting camouflage netting.

There are so many patterns in the market today such as snow, woodland, prairies, desert, brown/green, sagebrush, broadleaf and many others.

Choose a pattern that looks more like 3D.

No matter the style you choose, you will definitely get one that fits your budget.

The netting with 3D design looks more realistic and they improve the chances of having a successful hunt

  • Choose a camouflage netting that resists harsh elements

The last thing that you should worry about when hunting is if the net will endure the harsh elements.

Also check to ensure that the net is resistant to fading, mildew and mold, Mildews and molds not only discolor the net, but their smell will keep the prey away.

Most camo netting can be cleaned with baking soda and water or hunting soap but removing mildew and mold is more difficult.

It is better to spend more money purchasing a camouflage netting that resists these issues.

Also, ensure that the material of the netting you are about to purchase does not fade.

Fading is an enemy to camo netting as it will not conceal you for a long time.

  • Noise Reduction

Choose a camouflage netting that is rustle free and quite as any unnatural noise when hunting will bring things to an end.

Fortunately, camouflage netting technology has come a long way in the past few years and there are many nettings that are rustle free and very quiet to choose from.

Though this does not guarantee a successful hunt, it goes a long way in concealing you from the animals and birds you are hunting.

  • Check the size

The size of the camouflage netting matters, the netting should be big enough to cover you as well as your belongings.

The netting should be able to cover all the clues that any human is present in the hunting area.

This makes it easy to hit the target without giving any suspicions.

It is no secret that if the prey cannot see you, then you have a better chance of hitting it and the right camouflage netting will help you achieve this.