How to Enjoy your Tasty Eliquid with your Vaporizer Longer

The longevity of the vape affects your enjoyment. The vaping device should at least give you satisfaction before the battery or juice run out. Sadly, many people suffer from the short-lived vaping experience because of the under capacity of their chosen devices. You might have been in several situations where you wished to continue, but the vape died. Worry no more because there are applicable tips for extending the longevity of your vape. You can apply each one or a few of them to get the results you seek. Remember that there will always be physical limitations to the vaping device since it is a component with electronic parts.

Take Care of your Battery

You must give the battery the respect it deserves, and that is by charging it with the right equipment and electric current. You must also pay attention to all other specifications for the battery. Make sure you are not short-circuiting it by placing it in a faulty vaporizer. You should also not place the battery in areas that can cause it to become too hot especially when charging. Heat tends to destroy the longevity of the battery. Heat can also cause batteries to swell and explode on you. Keep the mod away from the excessive heat so that the battery inside remains relatively cool especially when you vape for extended periods.


Turn off the Vaporizer in Time

You must remember to turn the equipment off when you finish. Otherwise, you will be consuming the battery and letting eliquids escape. You may have a unique juice brewed with special ingredients that are hard to find. Therefore, take care of the vaporizer and shut it off in time to seal the tastiness in the tank.


Use the right box mods

The mods you buy for your vaporizer should fit well and have the correct current rating to avoid discharging the battery too quickly. It must be the same fit in size and specification for you to get the promised hours of vaping. Otherwise, you might need to pair bigger mods with an aftermarket battery that offers the right ohm rating to correspond to the coil. As a rule, you might consider buying full units with their accessories so that you do not end up with mismatches in future.


Clean the Contacts Often

Residue on the contact areas of the vaporizer and its battery can lead to high resistance, which drains batteries fast. Clean them often and keep the unit away from greases and other impurities because they will eventually get to the coils and affect the efficacy of vaporizing your juices. You may end up with coils that get hotter than normal and therefore regulate your tasty eliquids improperly.

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Consider Getting an Extra Battery

If you are going on a long trip and expect not to have the time or places to charge your battery for your e-cig, then the right thing to do is get extra batteries. They will help you stay cool throughout the trip with no worries about your battery dying on you.