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Top 3 Beer Countries in the World

Beer, it is the world’s number one most widely consumed alcoholic drink. It also comes third in the most popular overall drink category just after water and tea. All over the world, people love their beer. They love to drink it, and some like to craft it. There are many breweries across the globe specializing in crafting it. Each country has their distinguishing feature. When talking about quantifying global beer supremacy, it is quite challenging when borders are taken into consideration. When you look at the number of consumption per capita, Czech Republic is number one. When you talk about numbers in sheer production volume, China is the winner. However, numbers are not the only things to consider when you talk about the top beer country. You should look at the overall scene, quality, and innovation. Look at the statistics, history books, critical ranking publications, and bars. Here are the top three countries ranked that are currently doing beer the proudest.

3. United Kingdom

United Kingdom beerBeer crafting in the United Kingdom is exploding these days. They currently have the highest amount of breweries the country has ever seen since the second world war. It also possesses the highest amount of breweries in the world per capita. The United Kingdom is one of the historical core of style creation. This makes them a pillar in modern beer crafting. They have revitalized their production process and practices since the development of technology and the increase of investment in the industry.

2. The United States of America

With the rate of 1.5 breweries opening per day, the United States of America is no doubt a current world leader in beer. The brewing style of America is so popular that it has expanded to different countries across continents. The brews of America currently dominate the global ranking lists positively. The explosion of craft culture in the United States of America is unprecedented with no indications of slowing down.

1. Belgium

Belgian beerLike the UK, Belgium is a pillar in modern beer crafting. Belgian ales are the perfect example of combining tradition with innovation. They have a rich history and tradition that is mixed with innovation and individualism. There are many belgische biermarken out there, starting from ones that provide preserved traditional techniques in brewing to contemporary ones with modern techniques. Belgium boasts a vibrant brew culture. Globally, the respect and admiration for Belgian brews have not subsided in the slightest, and it is undoubtedly the number one beer country in the entire world.