Air Conditioning Tips To Help You Save Energy

Air conditioners are a must have especially during summer when temperatures are high. Sure, AC systems cool our homes and make them more comfortable to live in, but running them also costs us a significant amount of money in energy bills. So, how can you increase the effectiveness of your AC and reduce your energy bills? The air conditioner is important as it regulates the temperature for 24 hour. Here are six air conditioning tips to get you started:

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Install A Programmable Thermostat

If your central AC is controlled by a thermostat, you should consider replacing the current thermostat you have withglobe a programmable one. This helps to save energy by turning up the desired temperature during the day when no one is around. When at home, set the thermostat between 78 and 80 degrees to balance your energy savings and comfort.

Don’t Overheat The Thermostat

If the thermostat is mounted where it is either exposed to local heat from appliances in your home or where it receives direct sunlight, it might cause your air conditioning system to run too frequently and use excess energy. Therefore, for your AC to function more efficiently, it’s important that you ensure the thermostat isn’t overheated at any moment.

Upgrade To An Energy-Efficient Model

If your current AC is old and inefficient, consider investing in a new energy-efficient model that uses less energy. According to, buying an energy-efficient AC saves energy anywhere from 20% to 50%. Be sure that the unit you buy has an Energy Star Label.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Air conditioners need regular maintenance to work more efficiently and last longer. It, therefore, pays to take your unit to a professional for check up at least once a year. Dirty filters, for instance, reduce the efficiency of your AC, making it use more energy. During the maintenance service, the air filters will be cleaned or replaced to make your unit work better.

Purchase The Right Size of AC System

Buying a unit that is extremely broad for your home or room will cause frequent cycling, leading to inefficient operation and high energy bills. So, take the time to choose the right size of AC system for your home.

Keep Out The Hot Sun From Your Home

socketsDuring the day when it’s hot, be sure to shade the doors and windows that are exposed directly to sunlight. This not only helps to keep your rooms cooler but also significantly lowers the amount of energy needed to cool them to a comfortable level. You can do so using curtains and blinds or outside shutters.

Implement these air conditioning tips to help reduce your monthly energy bills and save lots of money in the long run.