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A Guide to Choosing a Hairstyle That Will Totally Improve Your Look

When you get a terrible haircut, you’ll notice it for sure. And the next stage of such grievance will be a deep regret. We all have been there, so if you are currently on that stage, pull yourself together since the knowledge you get from reading this article can save your day.

Here, we’ll discuss the strategic steps to choosing the right hairstyle for all types of hair. Even if you have the four-type hair, we’ll talk about some of the best hairstyles for work, school & swimming. We want this guide to apply to all sisters out there!

Know the Personality You Want to Express

a woman with kinky hairYour hair gives other people impression about you more than you think it does because it is strongly associated with your personality. And although different environments will usually result in different perceptions towards a person’s hairstyle, the discussion here is to outline the general aspects only.

First, straight hair brings a formal nuance to your appearance. If you are a career woman who deals with men in power on a daily basis, short straight hair will suit you best. However, please note that this tip only works if your genes do not prevent you from doing so. If you’re born with kinky and wiry hair, then you should embrace it instead. If you try too hard to look like someone you are not shows the insecurity within you.

Second, medium-length hair (shoulder-length) makes you look like an easy-going person. It shows flexibility in your look because you can fit well in both casual and formal situations. Long hair (back-length or longer) is a bit tricky. If your true personality is a calm woman who’d prefer solemn silence, then your long hair will amplify your mysterious sex appeal. But if you are an energetic person, then your long hair can be the center of other people’s attention.

Observe Your Face Shape

a formal lookFace shapes are often identified in these six categories: oval, long, square, round, diamond, or heart-shaped. And somehow, our fixation over symmetrical structures tend to make us believe that the oval face shape is the ideal one.

Now, look at the mirror and see which shape your facial features prominently resemble. If you do not find any, then it means that all hairstyles can look nice on you. If your face is of other types, you need to pick a hairstyle that can balance your most dominant feature.

Consider Your Routines

As implicitly said in the first paragraph, among all hair types, the type four is probably the one that requires most work for an active lifestyle. Treatment and protection must be done daily. Otherwise, the damage will be pronounced. If your hair is of another type, then you won’t need to be too concerned about such an issue, but keeping your hair healthy will do you more good than harms.

Therefore, do not force yourself with a hairstyle that can hinder your routines. If you are a very physically active woman, an exceptionally long hair will be a drag. If you love to swim, short hair will be your best option because the chlorine in the water can weaken the follicles of your hair, and the longer your hair is, the more weight the follicles have to withstand.